Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Many Things...

Look who is 18 months old!!

She was actually 18 months last Friday - I can't believe it. She is so big. Growing so fast. Talking up a storm. And has such a personality! I LOVE IT! I'd told Jimmy I'd have another kid tomorrow if they came out at 18 months! It is such a fun age...though I'd like if we could take her out to eat and to the store for more then 5 minutes...but I hear that gets better in a few months...anyone? is it true? If not...just lie please :)

We have been trying to hit up the pool as much as we can - but now that Jeannie has wished fall upon us...boo...and it is in the 70's we are not going to make it at all this week! Which means for the rest of the pool season! :( We were planning on going Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night this week because we are heading to Costa Rica (!!!) on Thursday morning and the pool will be closed when we come back :(

Here are some pics from when we made it there last week...

So we are spending as much time with Charley these nights as we can, as she isn't coming with us to Costa Rica and we will miss her. We will enjoy time without her. But we will miss her...though I'd have to say when I am sleeping in EVERY DAY...I won't miss her much then :) Many people ask how much kids change your lives...my response is...not much, you can do everything you did before kids - after kids - except for SLEEP IN. :)

So we are heading to the State Fair tonight! I am very excited. I love me some zipper, round up and other rides!! And the State Fair has animals! Charley LOVES animals and rides too, so it should be a lot of fun!! I have never been to the State Fair (Delaware or otherwise) so I am very excited!

I have been an Etsy ordering fool this past week - I have a bunch of birthday presents to make and want to make something for Charley. So I hope I will finally have a little time to do that once we get back! And I can't wait to post the progress!!

Alright...not sure what to do with myself...Charley had her 18 month appointment this morning where she got 2 shots...and she has been asleep since 1030!! I guess I should get the laundry done, so we have clothes to pack for our trip!!

Oh and here are Charley's stats 33 1/4" long and 29lbs 13oz!! :) 95% in both!

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jeannie said...

Charley is so freakin adorable these days! I love it! Sorry that I've ruined your pool plans... my last day was Sat (when it was still 90 degrees here) so it worked well for me. But whatever you're going to freakin Costa Rico!!! I don't feel TOO bad ha! Oh and also, your links have been funny... linking your site and mine combined. Which gives you an error. Just thought I'd throw it out there.

Jane said...

Love the blog redesign!
Charley is adorable- happy 18 mos!
Have a great time in Costa Rica- awesome. :)

Midwest Mommy said...

I have to ask, does she love brooms? LM is obsessed with brooms lately. It cracks me up. As soon as I saw that first pic I had to ask, lol

Sarah said...

Love the photos especially the tongue hanging out!! I'm with Jeannie on wanting Fall. And I agree..we still do everything we always did with Max. Now I just have a little dude to bring a long.
I can't believe she is 18 months. Seems like yesterday I bought her that Minnie Mouse and onesie. Unbelievable.
Have a great trip!!

Annieann77 said...

Sounds like Charley is doing great! She is so cute, love all the pics! Have fun on your holiday, I do miss sleeping in and I'm hoping that someday I will be able to do that again! :)

allthingsjuice said...

She is adorable!

Tiffany said...

Like always Charley is so darn cute. It does get much easier in taking them places. I will go anywhere with Mikayla or out to dinner at any time with Mikayla or even to a kids movie with her now at age 4!