Tuesday, February 03, 2009


**WHEW...good thing I wrote this post this morning...because it is after 9pm and I just finished dinner...another swamped night - now I am watching tivoed Biggest Loser - then I am off to bed!!**

Ok I have been in a whirlwind for the last 4 days - here is a recap bullet style because if I were to write it all out - I'd be back in the same situation of not getting things done and running out of time.
  • Friday we went skiing and had a blast! Here are some pics.
Here I am coming off the lift...

Jimmy and I being silly...
  • Jimmy & I on the ride home...
  • Saturday I had my WW meeting (you can see the results below) I was very excited :)
  • After my meeting we had to take my car to the dealer to get the tires balanced - ever since we got it, there was a little shakiness on the road so they balanced the tires for us for free - and 3 of the 4 were out of balance.
  • After we dropped the car off we headed to Costco and the huge boxes of strawberries are back!! I was pumped I have been eating me some strawberries!!
  • Then we went to pick up the car - I came home and packed up Charley and the dogs and headed to DE for the night (Jimmy was working at the bar that night so I thought I'd go home and do some shopping)
  • After we got to DE my mom, Charley and I did some shopping - mostly for Miss Charley - she got a lot of good clothes since she will soon be in 18 month clothes!!! OMG!
  • Sunday morning I went out to breakfast with one of my best friends from home (she is a triplet)
  • After breakfast we went to one of her sisters houses who has a son who is 5 months younger then Charley...here they are :) **Jimmy told me I have to make a note here that Charley is on her knees in these pictures while S is standing - that Charley is a lot taller then he is - she is 5 months older :)
  • After our visit I headed back to my parents house and went for my 6 mile run - through snow, slush, ice and mud - I followed our training plan and ran at 75% of my normal speed - and it took me 1h 5m...here is my Nike+ from my run. You can see the spots where I was gingerly running across the ice and slush!
  • After my run we all took off and headed back to Baltimore - by way of my amazing friend Margie's house
  • Margie made Charley's 1st birthday invitations. They are gorgeous!!! This is what they look like :) I LOVE THEM!!
  • Once I got back we relaxed for a while - then my parents arrived (they watch Charley on Monday's so they come on Sunday night)
  • My mom made homemade pizza for dinner and we started watching the Superbowl - then I headed to the grocery store...which was EMPTY!!
  • Yesterday - work was insane - by the time I blinked I had to leave to go and get Jimmy
  • We headed off to run an errand then home - where I had to leave immediately to take Mack to the vet because he had a bad ear infection
  • That was a 2 hour ordeal...one of the front desk people at the vet quit in the middle of the day, so there was a back log of people standing there - I had a 5pm appointment and didn't get in the room until 5:30 then didn't get seen until 6:15 and didn't get out of there until 6:45!!
  • Then I just barely made (Jimmy had to meet me there to get Mack from me so I wouldn't be late!) my 7pm physical therapy appt to verify if I need orthodics or not - and I was there until 9PM!!! I was beat by the time I got home...hence the lack of a post from yesterday..
  • Today I am off - Charley is napping - but about to wake up I think...I have errands to run...my girlfriends daughter is coming over at 1pm...it never ends!!
Oh yea no gym last night - so I guess that is my day off for the week.

Here is my Nike+ for my 4 mile run tonight. I am still pretty consistent with my 4 mile run pace (on the treadmill anyway) and am within 10 seconds of the same time for my last four 4 mile runs.

I didn't get to tweet my menu from yesterday - but my total points were 26.5 and I used 1.5 of my weekly flex points.

Here is my menu from today.

Hopefully things will be calmer and back to normal soon!!

strawberry mini wheats w/ skim milk 5
strawberries 1
tootsie rolls 1
chicken & dumplings 6
fiber 1 bar 2
pudding 1
carrots 0
animal crackers 2
pirates booty 1.5
panera bread you pick 2 tortilla soup w/ fuji chicken salad 10
small skim chai tea latte 4
breyers free 3
4 mile run -6

Table provided by Roni's Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.


jeannie* said...

- I LOVE white snow gear! For some reason I think it looks so classy hahaha. I want to go skiing! Looks like you guys had a blast
- GREAT JOB on the loss!!! And the tons of strawbs at Costco!
- Charley's invitations are so cute! What a great idea.
- I hope Mack is feeling better!

MommaKnitsalot said...

Um yeah, you most DEFINITELY have been a busy girl!! But I'm so glad everything is taken care of and we can have our Carrie back :)

Charley's invitations are ADORABLE! And ditto Jeannie - you are miss hotness in the white snow gear! Me, I'd just get mistaken for a snowman lol

I am so in awe of your run through that bad weather! Do Nike+ record wipeouts? LOL Cuz that's what mine would be full of after a run like that!

Keep up the great work!!

Elephant Steps said...

LOVE all the photos!! So fun. Those invites for Charley are SO cute! What a great idea!!

The mattress had to be ordered because I couldn't find one locally that fit our crib. It's not fancy, but it did get great reviews. I'm all about the reviews lately. Hahaha.

Tiffany said...

You are doing awesome - the running and watching the diet!! Keep up the EXCELLENT work. Good on the 6 miles! You will be ready for your 1/2 marathon in no time.