Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Keeping my Promise...

To present you with a video of Charley -- though it is in no way the video I wanted. Miss Charley woke up from her afternoon nap all rosy cheeked, flushed and not a very happy girl. All she wanted was me to hold her :( I did manage to get a little video of her cute antics - though broken up by a few cries. You can see her at the end of the video reaching across her high chair tray for me, so that was the end. I might try again tomorrow if this whole video posting thing works. Because when she does it...over and is just so cute!!

Ok so here is a brief synopsis - Charley now likes to shake her head "no no no" as her babysitter calls it. Well now at dinner time when you offer her anything she does it, over and over and over - even though she really does want what you are offering. The funny thing is how she goes from acting all funny - to straight serious when she shakes her head.

You will have to watch quick at the beginning because that is where she does the 'no no no' then she does a few other of her little traits like clapping for herself :)

Enjoy :)


And here is my menu for today...nothing big - about right on track with my weekly points and AP's as I was last hopefully I will see the same results come Saturday!!

chobani w/ granola, honey and strawberries 5
chocolate 1
white chicken chili w/ sour cream & chips 9
string cheese 1
mini crisps 2
apple 1
crackers w/ spinach dip 4
pizza pocket 6
sweet potato 1
breyers free 2
kickboxing class -7
veggies 2

Table provided by Roni's Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.


Elephant Steps said...

Okay post more videos!! I got to hear your voice!! I love the clap at the end!! So cute!! So so cute!! :)

jeannie* said...

I agree with Sarah! More videos please!!! Would it be acceptable for me to clap everytime I ate a 'cookie'? Heehee. She's so sweet!

TheHealthyFamily said...

Awe - poor Charley didn't know what she wanted, how adorable!!!

Ditto Sarah and Jeannie - more videos please!!!

Amy said...

So cute how her expression changes so suddenly!