Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Good Night...

We had a nice 4.5 mile run outside tonight - I am liking this warm weather...I hope it sticks around and that the groundhog was wrong!!

My iPod held out tonight - though I am still taking it in on Friday! Here is my Nike+.

Here is tonight's menu...I have one AP left over to use later in the week.

strawberry frosted mini wheats w/ skim 6
turkey w/ salsa & brown rice 6
100 cal pack 2
tootsie rolls 1
carrots 0
blondie 3
strawberries 1
chicken parm w/ ww egg noodles & sauce 8
4.5 mile run outside -7
lite english muffin w/ brummel & brown 1
chocolate 1
breyers free 2

Table provided by Roni's Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.


Elephant Steps said...

Oh man your trip with Jeannie sounds fun!! It's so cool you two get to do things like this.

And the mud run thing sounds fun too. They have one similar here, but no biking, it's all running in the mud and mud pits.

Amy said...

Great job!
Yuck on the mud... I'm so not interested... but it would be fun to watch!

MommaKnitsalot said...

Great run - you are so gonna kick bootie at the half-marathon!!! Just thinking of how empowered and confident Charley will be because of her amazing Momma gives me goosebumps!!

JODI said...

hey there - believe it or not, i got them online thru wal-mart... they had the same exact styles as some other sites, at HALF the price (if not more)... and it only took them a week to send so i highly recommend it... :)

isn't this weather great! :)