Monday, February 16, 2009

Another Wonderful Day

Today was a great day...though we didn't get going until late. Charley let us sleep in until 8am!! Now that is a treat in itself!

My best friend from home came and visited for a little while this afternoon so that was a wonderful surprise!

We took the dogs to the park for a hike - they had a great time and a good friend met us there with her golden retriever and they all had a great time running through the woods.

We came home from there - I hit up the grocery store and then made it home to get ready to head to the gym for spin class.

One thing I did learn - a tough spin class the day after a 7 mile run = VERY TIRED LEGS. Woah. The spin instructor of the class we attended was AWESOME. I had not been to one of her classes before and she will have me back there again for sure!!

Jimmy and I are trying to mix up our non-running days with new cardio workouts so he did spin with me tonight - don't think I am going to get him to take step with me on Thursday though ;)

Now we are home - had dinner and now I have to get my butt in the shower then off to bed.

I actually had off work today and tomorrow is my scheduled day off - so this week should fly by!!

Have a great week!!

Here is my menu...

blueberry waffles 4
crisps 1
pizza pocket 6
juice 1
turkey meatballs 6
chocolate 2
pesto pasta w/ chicken 9
sweet potato 1
30 minute walk -1
60 minute spin class -9
breyers free 2
more chocolate 3

Table provided by Roni's Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.


Elephant Steps said...

Sounds like a good day. I was telling David how I miss hiking today. The place we go has KILLER hills that I know I can't do right now. That is something I am looking forward to doing again once Max is here.

Love Potion #31 is white chocolate ice cream with raspberry swirls, and dark chocolate hearts. It's really yummy. It only comes out this time of year.

I'd send you a sprinkles cupcake but I don't know if it would still taste good after travel. :)

Tiffany said...

Great job on your 7 mile run. You are doing awesome!

TheHealthyFamily said...

Oh yeah - spin + 7miles = iron legs lol You are on fire Mz Carrie!!