Friday, January 09, 2009

It's OVER...

The car shopping that is!!! WOOHOO!! Tonight we bought a car. Here it is. I love it. And we got an amazing deal :) thanks to my hard work and lots of emailing...

Today was a great day - Got up with Charley and did a few things...then she took a nap and so did I. From 9am until NOON!! I was so happy...and rested. It was wonderful. Then we ate lunch and went to the gym. We were planning on getting to the gym by 1 so I could have an hour to workout and then this happened...Charley learned something new while I was in the bathroom putting my hair up. Since we usually keep the bathroom door is what she discovered she could do if she gets in there...

Since the the daycare closes from 2-4 when we finally got there I only had 4o minutes to work out. All I had to do today was 30 minutes of cross training and I did 35 and some ab work. Then we were off to run some errands and meet Jimmy to finish up our car shopping. Now we are home, Charley is asleep and I am going to go to bed :) Weigh in tomorrow. It should be good, since I tracked all week and still have a few AP's and weekly points left.

Here is my menu...I'll be back tomorrow with a review and my weigh in results!

Oh yeah! Head over to BLBE and check out the new message boards!!

greek yogurt w/ kashi cereal 4
smart ones ravioli w/ veggies 7
cheese square 1
nibbles 2
pudding 1
pizza pocket 6
snack bar 2
hostess mini cakes 1
hot chocolate 1

Table provided by Roni's Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.


The Scale Whisperer said...

Yay for the new car, and yay for the nap! :)

Charley is simply adorable!! My kitty does the same thing with toilet paper lol

Have a great night!!

Annieann77 said...

LOL - Charley is so cute and getting so big !! I also say Yah for a new car and Yah for long naps!! Good luck with your weigh in, I have offically begone my weight loss journey again too so I'm hoping to get a little motivated by reading your blog! Keep it up! :)