Friday, December 07, 2007

My Amazing Husband

So I come home from work yesterday to dinner being made and Jimmy waiting for me. Well before we sit down for yummy dinner he says, "After we are finished I need to talk to you about something" so I was like ok. Then of course I was like, what is it about? is it bad? is it good? etc etc. To which I'd get no, kind of worried me.

Then after we finish eating dinner I am like "so...what do you want to talk about?" and he tells me to wait a second and grabs the laptop and starts looking something up. Then he says..."can you do me a favor and not have the baby for at least 2 weeks?" I was like...I will do my best...why? And he then turns the laptop around and shows me a picture of the car seat we wanted and says "I ordered us the car seat!! But it won't be in for at least 2 weeks" :) how cute is he. He had been saving up $20 from each of his bar shifts over the last month or so so that he could buy us the car seat. Sneaky little devil :) Then he tells me that his mom drove up here that morning to pay for it with her credit card so that he could give her his cash. (I thought that was a little odd for her to drive all the way up to our house for just that) See the car seat that we wanted to match the jogging stroller that we want, was not available in any of the stores, only online, so we'd figure we'd buy it ourselves and not worry about trying to tell some one about it or register for it all by itself from another website or something. But he saved the money from his bar shifts, because I deal with our bank account and look at it every day online and he knew if he ordered it from our account, I'd see it and he wanted it to be a surprise. How sweet is he.
I love him so much.

It gets better though...So then we are getting ready to head out to Dick's Sporting Goods to look for a bag that he wants for Christmas that I told him I'd buy him as long as he told me which one he wants, so we didn't have to play the return game after Christmas. He asked me if I was ready to go and I said yes...he was like "aren't you going to change into some comfy clothes?" I was like, eh I'll wear what I have on and change when I get back. He persisted and said that I should put on sweatpants like him and then we'd both be comfy. So I said ok, wait a minute and I will go and change. As I am getting ready to head upstairs, he yells, take a look in the nursery, I hung up the curtain rod and blind. So of course I go there first...and when I walk in and turn the light on...the first thing I noticed was the bookcase was moved, and there was no curtain rod or blind! But then I look over and there is our crib!! All set, with a mattress, mattress pad, sheet and all!! All put together and everything!! His parents wanted to buy us the crib, so when his mom was up our way to pay for the car seat, they went out in search of a store that had the crib in stock and bought it and all of the supplies for it and came back and Jimmy put it all together as a surprise!! I was so happy!

So now this weekend when my parents bring up the dresser/changing table that they bought us and we get that in the room, the room will almost be all set!! Minus a few decorations, lots of baby items we registered for...but the main pieces will be there!! So I will take some pictures on Sunday and post them for you all to see :)

Just wanted to share my exciting news and how wonderful my husband is...

Adios :)


Living to Feel Good said...

Awwwwww!!! That is awesome. I love how he is surprising you, and totally into it!!

Thanks for the bacon tip. I actually didn't know that! :)

Tiffany said...

That is wondeful - you are more set than I am!!! I have everything but everything except the crib and changing table which are only up because of Mikayla. Evertyhing is in boxes in the garage!

Annieann77 said...

Sounds like your hubby is a real sweetie!! :) It must be exciting to know that everything is almost ready for your baby!

Tiffany said...

Mikayla would love to come over and help out if you just lived alittle closer!! Don't forget chores with a 2 year old take twice as long!