Wednesday, December 26, 2007

31 Weeks and Christmas :)

31 weeks...9 more to go...unreal. I can't believe that I am in the single digits remaining.

I am starting to feel it. As every day passes, I get bigger and feel bigger.

Things get tougher to do, it is harder to put my shoes on, harder to get in and out of the car, harder to pick something up off of the floor, harder to walk the 3 dogs at the same time, harder to sit for a long time, harder to get comfortable it, lying on the couch watching TV, sitting in the car or leaning over the sink to do dishes.

I just want to be comfortable again. And that is not going to happen for 9 weeks or longer.

Christmas...was good and bad...the bad is all better now.

Our Christmas started on Friday night, when Jimmy and I celebrated our Christmas together. This year we decided to not get a Christmas tree. We are in the process of getting the basement finished and therefore we have stuff all over our house from the basement that we had to move. About a month before Christmas we put all of the Christmas decorations and stuff in the attic from the basement. So we decided, we had no place to put a tree and we didn't want to drag everything down from the attic to put up a tree, only to have to take it down in early January, so that we can have the house all ready for the baby. is what I come home to on Friday after work...

He went out and got a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree, decorated it and put my presents under it! He is too cute!

We went out to dinner to Flemings Steakhouse...DELICIOUS!! I had my favorite Apple Pork Chop - TO DIE FOR - and he got his steak. It was expensive, but worth it! We then exchanged gifts. Jimmy was too cute, how he wrapped everything for me...he is so funny with his wrapping...I just had to take some pictures. He got me some maternity shirts (well they were technically from the dogs :)), a fish tank that I wanted for the nursery, some candy, some of my peppermint lotion, an incredibly soft blanket for me and the baby for the new recliner in the baby's room, a shoe protection kit for my Uggs, and a bunch of other wonderful and thoughtful gifts! I love him so much. Here are some pictures of his creative wrapping :)

For Jimmy for Christmas I got him a new gym bag that he wanted and I wrapped all of his presents and put them in the bag. He wanted me to have a bag of presents to open too, so he made one out of wrapping paper and filled it with presents! :) oh...and you can't see but he used a stapler to staple the edges of the bag shut! He is the only person I know who would use a stapler to wrap gifts!!

He loves to individually wrap every present in the shape that it is...these are some peppermint bath fizzys that look like big peppermint candies in clear celophane...well he wrapped them indivudually in red paper and tied the sides with green ribbon!

Sunday morning we met 2 of my coworkers, their kids and significant others out for brunch. It was great, the food was good, the company was good...all in all a wonderful time. Though, they had $10 all you can drink mimosas...and I couldn't have any...I will I say, I will go back there after the baby is born and have them!! :)

So onto Christmas Eve and Christmas...after a lot of issues with the in-laws, we ended up going there for Christmas Eve and my parents house and Aunts house for Christmas day. (it is too too long of a story to post...but plans were made, then changed because the in-laws had other plans, then got mad at us, because we changed our plans to because they told us to!!! AHHHH!!)

So on Christmas Eve I get a call from my Mom all sad, telling us we shouldn't come. No reason, just we shouldn't come. So I start to freak out, wondering what is going on. She says my Dad is really sick and he doesn't want me to get sick. Turns out he had a bad bout of a virus that wasn't being very nice to his stomach (to keep it nice and clean) and that with me being pregnant and all, he didn't want me to get sick. Though my brother and sister-in-law were there for 2 days and were fine as was my Mom. I told her we were coming and not to worry about me, I was still on antibiotics from the whole kidney thing and that I'd be very careful at washing my hands etc.

Then Christmas morning, I get a phone call from her at 6am telling me that they are in the emergency room and my dad is getting fluids and that they should be home by the time we get there. I actually was glad to hear that they went to the hospital to be sure everything was ok and he got fluids, some medical attention and some antibiotics. But when we got to my parents it was a sad poor Dad was shivering so bad he couldn't write something on a piece of killed me inside. :( He could barely keep his eyes open, hadn't slept in over 2 days and just looked sick. That was the worst. He didn't want to open presents and tried to stay there with us as much as possible to see us open ours. It was very rough.

But the good news is, I talked to him last night, he sounded better and I talked to him for like 20 minutes today and he sounded 75% better. So that makes me feel so much better. It was just so tough seeing him like that. So tough. But I am glad the meds are working and he'll be back to his old self soon enough.

After we went to my parents we went to my Aunt's house for Christmas dinner, it wasn't the same without my Mom and Dad there, but they both insisted we go without them. So we did. Dinner was yummy and it was good to see everyone. Though I am not a big fan of being asked tons of questions and being the center of attention when it came to baby talk. So that part wasn't fun, but the rest was good. Jimmy and I made it back home by 5pm, I walked the dogs and brought in all of the gifts from the car while he took a nap. Then I woke him at 6:30 to go to work...

He thought it was going to be an incredibly slow night at the bar...turns out his bar was the only one open in all of Federal Hill, so they got pretty crowded and he made a good amount of money for Christmas night, which always helps, with needing money for carpet and furniture for the soon-to-be-finished basement.

Jimmy has been sick with a cold or something for the past week, so I made him a Dr's appointment this morning and made him go. They gave him some good cough medicine with codeine so that he can sleep...that has been his worst problem, not being able to sleep, and being up all night coughing, so hopefully that will help.

We both made out like bandits at our families on Christmas. Jimmy's parents got us a DVD/DVR Camcorder...for the baby. I hate being on it is just for the baby...and the dogs :) I got some clothes, some lined Crocs (so comfy!), a board game and some things for the baby from his family. He got clothes, some dvds, and some stuff I can't think of right now from his parents.

From my parents we got our baby monitor, some baby stuff, diapers, wipes etc. I got some cooking utensils I have been wanting, a nice comfy maternity sweatsuit outfit, a cupcake/cake carrying case thingy, some scratch off lottery tickets, some of my favorite peppermint lotions, an adorable puppy dog night light for the nursery and some other misc stuff. Jimmy got a sweet North Face light weight jacket, some clothes, a non-stick omelet pan for his eggs he makes for breakfast, a spatula, a drill/driver set he wanted, and some other things from my parents.

The doggies got their stockings from my parents with 2 toys each in them and some treats!! So needless to say they were in heaven when we got home last night...and they were out of my hair so I could relax :) to put away some laundry and relax with the doggies.

Adios :)


Annieann77 said...

Your hubby sounds like a super sweet guy!! :) Sorry to hear your Dad was sick over the holidays but will hopefully feel beter in the new year? Sounds like you got lots of nice things for Christmas. Hopefully your last 9 weeks won't cause too much discomfort?! ;)

Tiffany said...

I have never been one for crocs but i had my husband get me some for Christmas with a lining. Even if they make my feet look big I don't care because I don't have to bend over to put the shoes on!! I am glad your dad is feeling better. I wish I could say the last 9 weeks fly but as I am in the same boat but with 6 weeks to go it feels as if it is going to take forever. I keep hoping this one will come early like the first one so I would only have 3 weeks instead of 6.