Monday, April 23, 2007

Travelling again...

Yep, back on the road travelling again for work. I usually love travelling, but not when both trips are in the same month and I feel like I never get to see my husband or spend time with him. Plus this time I am an hour and 15 min from home, too far to not drive back and forth every day and too close to make myself want to drive home every night. eh, this sucks.

Since I am back in Northern Virginia, where Jimmy and I met and I lived for 5 years, I know the area and have friends here. I have plans tomorrow night with my sister & brother in law and then some of my guy friends and I have plans with the girls on Wednesday night and Thursday I get to go home...but tonight...nothing.

Tonight is sucking for 2 reasons, one, I was told by my wonderful co-worker/semi-boss that I had to go to this social/networking thing after the conference today that it would last a while. I really tried to get out of it, because our first softball game was tonight and it was 80+ degrees out and gorgeous...and it is only like 45 min away, so completely doable, if I left right from the conference with no social social thing only lasted an hour and I spent the whole time talking to my co-workers and a friend of mine that I used to work no networking at all. And I could have made it to my softball game if my stupid coworker didn't tell me that I HAD TO GO and that it would last a long while!!! I am so mad.

So then I decide to go home and see Jimmy play soccer only to have a message from him on my cell saying that he got a shift at the bar tonight and he is going to be bartending. :( Good for him, because I know he is excited about being able to bartend, but sucks for me, because I wanted to go home and see him! I miss him so much and I have only been gone for a day, pathetic I know.

I guess I am just in a funk and have had enough of my coworkers since I spent a week with them in Texas and now here. I just want to be at home with Jimmy and the doggies. And I have 2 1/2 more days of this boring conference!

So how is everyone else doing? Jeannie? Michelle? Robyn?? I hope you ladies are kicking some butt!! I am paying for this computer usage right now, so I am going to quickly check out a few blogs...I will definitely catch up on the blogs and all when I get home and we have our new computer...sorry for slacking!!

oh!! And I was told by my coworker who went to the baby shower at work (the one that I made the diaper cake for) and she said that out of all of the gifts mine was the biggest hit!! I was so excited to hear that, especially since I couldn't go to the shower. I will def post the pic of the cake when I get home too.


Adios :)


Cory said...

That sucks about the travelling and not seeing Jimmy. Hopefully you will get to spend some good quality time with him soon though.

JOY said...

I too hate being away from home - unless my husband is with me!

It just doesn't seem natural not having him beside me - guess you feel the same.

It will make your reunion sweeter though!

jeannie* said...

Oh man -- that stinks!!!!!

But soon you will be home and at least youre somewhere that youre familiar with and you can busy yourself meeting up with old friends and the like :)

And I'm still anxiously awaiting pictures of the diaper cake!