Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Swimming...and a Scavenger Hunt

Tonight I got to go swimming! I went and got a new bathing suit after work today and got to go and swim some laps, it felt so good. But boy after a while of not swimming, do you lose your endurance for it. But it was great, a nice 40 min of swimming. I did do 30 min of elliptical this morning since I wasn't sure if I would get to swim tonight. So that is a bonus. Probably didn't make up for the margarita I had at dinner tonight, but boy did it taste good!

Ok, now most of you are probably wondering about the "scavenger hunt" part of the title. Well I couldn't post this before today, because my husband knows my blog address, though I don't think he looks at it often. But as you know I am now in San Antonio, well a few months back I bought my husband a ticket to come and stay with me this weekend. I would have normally gone home on Saturday. I arranged for my parents to pick up the dogs, and for someone to work at the gym for him on Saturday. He had NO CLUE!! It was great!!

So to tell him about the ticket I decided to leave a card for him with my cousin at home, and I told him about the card today...to ask my cousin for it. And that card was Clue #1 of 7 clues that I hid all around the house for him to find!! It lead him on the hunt for a surprise...his airline ticket to come and see me!! He called me and was so incredibly excited!! I am so happy! I love doing things for him, because he always does things for me. It is nice to return the favor. I can't wait until he gets here and we have a nice relaxing weekend together, just me and him!

One more thing...I am having a tough time with one of my April goals...the no weighing in...AT ALL. Don't get me wrong, I haven't done it. It is just a little frustrating to now know weather all I am doing, the working out, eating well etc. is paying off on the scale. I know it shouldn't matter, because I look different, feel better and can workout longer and lift heavier weights, but boy do I want to know what that scale says!! Only 20 more days and I can find out!! AHHH!

Well I need to get to bed, tomorrow is the last day of our course and we have a lot to do. 3 more co-workers are flying in tomorrow too. So I am sure they will want to meet up for dinner, so I am going to take my workout clothes with me to work, change before we leave and then Dave (my coworker that is here with me now) is going to drop me off at the Y on the way back from work and I am going to lift upper body and then run back to the hotel. It is a safe area and only about a 2.5 -3 mile jog. So that will be a great pre-dinner workout. And that way I won't hold everyone up for dinner.

Until tomorrow...

Adios!! :)


Living to Feel Good said...

Ahhh what a nice surprise for your husband!! Great job on the working out!!

Cory said...

It's great that he gets to come visit you!!!
Cool on the new swimsuit too.

jeannie* said...

Too cute! And uhm... way to not miss a workout while away for work! I'm so impressed! You're my hero :) heehee

~~Midnight Raider~~ said...

I feel your pain! I am having a tough time with the "no scale" challenge, too. I haven't weighed yet (I actually stored my scale away so I couldn't see it), but I think about it often. Of course, that just reminds me that I was almost obsessed about it in the first place! Anyway, don't worry... you're making great progress. And on May 1, the scale will show it!

Robyn said...

ohhh, I'm such a scale whore - I can imagine it must be hard...but hang in there, you'll make it! Try to remember what's important, how you feel and how your clothes fit!
I'm with Jeannie, you are such a hero...working out while away? You are DEDICATED - THANK GOD we're on the same team! I think I could really learn alot from you.

And so cool how you surprised your hubby - glad it worked out so well, I would have flubbed up that surprise for sure :)

A Heathier Me said...

That is so romantic!!!

I hope you guys have a wonderful relaxing weekend :)