Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Run in the Sun...

Yes it is 80 degrees here and gorgeous!! I ran to the Y and lifted and ran back from the Y. I know I was going to go right after work, but plans changed. The run there was about 1.5 miles and the same back...took about 30 min, but I got caught at a lot of lights. So who knows how long it would have took, but at least I did it! The sun felt so great!!

So we finished up class early, it went well and we can review the critiques tomorrow, so we'll see what the students thought. But after we finished, we went to lunch to a pasta restaurant. I a REALLY REALLY good pasta dish, with sun dried tomatoes, green pepper and artichokes and chicken, but it had a cream sauce. Eh. I am regretting it now, but what can I do. I only got an appetizer at dinner, smoked salmon, capers, and toast't know how good I am doing at this eating while out of town thing. I feel like I am doing terrible. I need to be better tomorrow. If we go out to eat I am getting a salad.

The Riverwalk here is so neat! I can't wait for Jimmy to get here so we can explore.

Not much else to report though...Jimmy did send me an email asking if I wanted to do a race on his birthday (June 10) it is a 7 miler. That will be the longest I have ran since I did my 1/2 marathon back before I even met Jimmy!! But we have done a few 10k's...6ish miles so I think I can handle it...can't keep up with him, but can definitely finish. We'll see.

Well I need to go and get to my room to watch LOST in bed and then get to sleep, so I can get up and get to the gym in the morning...this morning I woke up 10 min before I had to be out the door! Good thing I showered after swimming the night before and was set to just get dressed and go. AHHH! I just realized that LOST is already on...damn this one hour time difference!! Guess I'll just have to watch it on TIVO when I get home. I am so mad!!

Well until tomorrow...

Adios :)

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Tiffany said...

It is sooo hard to go out of town and stay on a diet. Everytime I visit in the in-laws my sister-in-law complains about how much weight she gains because of all the eating out we do - but hey she is a size 4 so she can gain a pound or two! Keep up the running!!! 80 degrees I envy you - it was 30 degrees in Gunnison, Colorado yesterday and not much warmer today!