Sunday, April 29, 2007


This is our Federal Hill Fitness team who ran the Port to Fort race in Baltimore last weekend. It was a 6k run...and a gorgeous day to run. We all had a great time! Doug, the one in the front on the left...came in 7th place overall...he ran the race in under 21 min!!

This is Jimmy and I after the Stadium you can see it was a nice day outside :) we kicked some butt on this one too. Thanks again to Jeannie and Sarah for their pledges to help fight Lung Cancer!

This is the diaper cake I made for my friend Susie from work's baby shower. It was a hit! I wasn't able to attend the shower, but I have received many complements on the cake! It was pretty easy to make too.

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jeannie* said...

The diaper cake is awesome! Thanks for posting some pictures :)