Thursday, April 05, 2007


Yes, I am in pain. The leg workout my husband gave me yesterday has me walking around and acting like a 90 year old woman!! I woke up this morning and went to go downstairs like I do every morning and get my food ready and dry my hair...and I almost sat down on the stairs and scooted down on my butt!! My quads and hamstrings were killing!! All day long, I had to sit down in a chair like a pregnant woman, lean back grab the back of the chair and ease myself in. It was pathetic!! At least I knew the workout did something that is for sure!! I also only had to do lower body lifting once this week (upper body 2x's) so I have until Monday to fully recover!

But tonight I might have not done the brightest thing, I did spinning...yes, my legs were killing me and I got on a bike and was tortured by an instructor...well not really, but that is what it felt like!! It did loosen my muscles up a little bit but now they are back to lots of pain. I hope they are better tomorrow, I usually find after 3 days after, the pain starts to go away. Ah, the pain of attempting to get fit.

So far so good on my April scale and no soda and I went to the gym. CHECK!

Now I am doing what I wanted to do, sitting on the couch, catching up on blogging and watching TIVO'ed American Idol and my other shows. It's great!

That's it for tonight. Keep up the great work everyone!!

Until tomorrow...

Adios :)


Robyn said...

I always think it's weird how when you're legs are always hurts more to go DOWNstairs then UP the stairs. I can't BELIEVE you sucked it up and went to a spinning class after all that! You are one tough chick - and it'll all pay off for you this month :)

Tiffany said...

I KNOW the pain you are feeling. Last week I thought since had done 60 walking lunges the week before I could do 100 this time, plus side squats, plus lots of deep chair poses. That night I remember waking up and changing positions and feeling pain. Then the next day I decided to go for a 4 mile run - I thought I would work the pain out! No no no. I had the same pregant lady feeling everytime I go up out of my chair at work! Take note of how many of each exercise you did this time and cut it by at least 25%.

Also be careful with not weighing yourself for a month - I know who frustrated you are at the scale - I have done the same thing and it seems whenever I stop weighing myself the weight goes up because I am not always checking it. Do you weigh every day or every week - if you weigh every day maybe take a week off. If you weigh every week maybe just take two weeks off.

Judi Finneran said...

Way to go on perservering. When you mentioned going down the stairs on your reminded me of when i broke my leg on the top 3 stairs of a fancy hotel in Palm Desert. As I lay sprawled on the stairs all I could think of was how big my butt must look in pale pink strechpants to all of the guests in the lobby. I had a broken leg and I was worried about people noticing my booty..sheeeeesh

Cheers, Judi