Friday, April 13, 2007

Not so good day...

Ok...It hasn't been all that great of a day so far. My coworkers and I went out to Howl at the Moon here in San Antonio last night...and I woke this morning to my coworker calling to see if I was alive. Great start to the day. Too much tequila, beer and who knows what else. I don't remember how we got home, tho we were planning on walking since we walked there last night...and I found out today that we did walk home. It is like a 40 min who knows what I said during the walk home. I hate this. Every time I get really drunk and something like this happens I swear I won't let it happen again...then it does. It is not often, maybe once a year...but still.

So I was INCREDIBLY hung over today all day at work, barely keeping my eyes open and trying most of the day not to puke. Plus, I wasn't all that nice to Jimmy last night when I talked to him on the phone, I didn't remember it, but he filled me in on it this afternoon. I feel so bad. I am such an idiot. I really hope I didn't do anything coworkers seemed fine around me this morning and said they had fun, so who knows.

Right now, Jimmy should almost be 1/2 the way here to see me. But there is a tornado warning in Dallas...and he is sitting on an airplane in Baltimore and has been for 2 hours. So he might make it to Dallas tonight, but there are no hotel rooms and he'd have to sleep in the airport because all flights out of Dallas are cancelled for the night. I offered to drive up there and get him, but it is a 4 hour drive and he told me not to. He could get here by 9am tomorrow...I am keeping my fingers crossed. If not, then at least he can get his money back and I can try and fly home tomorrow. This sucks...what was supposed to be a great surprise is turning out pretty crappy.

So nothing exciting to report today. I didn't work out, I ate like crap, I feel like crap and I just want Jimmy here.

Until tomorrow...


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jeannie* said...

Oye! Tequilla can be the devil, I'm convinced. But hey -- at least you walked home, right? Thats gotta be a few calories burnt. heehee.

Sorry you had a crappy day :(