Friday, March 23, 2007

Happy Friday!!!

Happy Friday everyone!! I am so excited for this weekend...and the fun has already begun. Tonight was birthday dinner with the family...Kobe's Steakhouse. It is a Japanese Steakhouse type place where the cook the food right in front of you, it was delish! Though I did learn that after almost 3 full weeks on Body for Life and eating 6 small meals a day, it is not all that great of an idea to go and eat 3 small meals and then stuff your face for a big meal at night. My stomach already can't handle it. Which is a good thing...I think. But the food and company were both great.

One of the fun things about birthdays...PRESENTS!! Jimmy gave me my present tonight, even though my birthday isn't until tomorrow, because he wanted me to be able to show my parents. Check out what he got me... ISN'T IT GORGEOUS!!I had no idea what he was getting me, though he said it is something that I needed. See I have sensitive skin, I can only wear 'real' gold or platinum etc, or I break out in a rash if I wear something too long. So the only watches I ever own are sport watches, with like Velcro wristbands...not all that professional. So he got me a really nice watch that is all stainless steel and he said that he did the research and it should not make my wrist break out :) How sweet of him to do research and check into all that for me.

Then I got a bunch of clothes from my parents, all that I had helped my mom pick out :) and my brother and sister in law gave me a housekeeper for a day!! Yes!! A lady to come in and clean our house!! She might have a heart attack when she gets in here...but she'll do laundry, make beds, vacuum, do exciting!!

Before we went to dinner though we had to go to the mall to the jewelry store, because one thing that I was blessed with was tiny I'd trade them in for say a tiny waist, but nope, I got little wrists. Go figure. So we had to go and get my new watch sized. They took out all but 2 links, and it fits perfect and I LOVE IT!! I don't want to take it off :)

All of the birthday celebrating aside, I did get to leave work early today right after graduation (oh and the cake student didn't bring any cake!! :)) so I was out of work at 2:30 and to the gym by 3 and lifted upper body and jumped some rope. It was a great shoulders and arms are a little achy so I know it was good. That made me feel better about going out to eat and all.

Tomorrow is the Stadium Trek...rain or shine...and it is raining out now and it is supposed to rain ALL day tomorrow. woohoo. We are in for the long haul and are going in the rain...because now it is a challenge for us, as we came to realize exactly how many steps there are and how we might we are determined to see if we can do it and if we do it in the rain, we'll feel even more challenged. Or so we keep telling ourselves. So wish us luck and hopefully I'll be able to walk when we go out for my birthday tomorrow night!!

Weigh in is first thing in the morning...hopefully my big meal tonight won't out-do all of the hard work I have put in for the last 3 weeks...I doubt it, because I can tell I am getting in better shape and losing and one meal isn't going to take that away...but we'll see what the numbers say.
Until tomorrow...Have a great weekend everyone!!

Adios :)

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jeannie* said...

Happy Belated birthday! How was the Stadium Trek??? Did it rain? I hope you had great weather :)

And that watch is beautiful! I absolutely love it! And a housekeeper for a day? WOWZERS! That is going to be amazing!! You deserve it.