Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A forever long day...

Today seemed like it was forever long...until I left work. Isn't that the way it always is? I left work today at 4:30 to go to the gym for my 6pm spin class...yes I got to the gym an hour and 45 minutes before class started. So...I hung out and talked to Jimmy for a while and he convinced me to go running with him again instead of go to spin. He has a way of doing that. :)

So I went ahead and changed and did some sit ups and then looked up some new lifting exercises in his Core book and we both waited for his replacement to show up at the gym. She finally came and we decided to do a 5.5 mile loop that a running group does every Monday (they kick off at the gym). So off we go with a print out of oh...about 26 turns!

We did the whole thing, though I am not too sure it was 5.5 miles, but when we got back, it took us an hour, we were running a little slower then I think we would have normally, but not knowing the course (except for the many directions) I wanted to be sure I had enough energy to make it back! It felt good, we even mixed in some stairs into the run. Thanks to Jimmy for getting my butt out and running. Now I just hope we both survive the Baltimore Stadium Trek this Saturday, check it out...also if you'd like to sponsor me, please do so here! I only need $15 more dollars and it all goes to benefit Lung Disease!

So when we came home and made salmon, couscous and veggies for dinner it was a well needed meal. I was STARVING!

Tomorrow is going to be a little bit of an unusual day as I am out of work at 11 for a Dr's appointment and have decided that I am not going back...just taking the rest of the day off. Going to hit up Rita's Water Ice for my first day of spring Free Water Ice :) Yummy. My one pleasure of the day...I can't wait. Then I will hit up the gym to lift lower body and then off to referee. A lot less of a longer day then today, so it will be great.

Also for those of you who like coffee, I know here in Maryland Dunkin Donuts is offering a free iced coffee tomorrow too. I don't like coffee so that helps me, Rita's is all I need :)

Here is to the start to a great Spring!! Until tomorrow...

Adios :)

UPDATE!! I only need $10 more for my donations for the Baltimore Stadium Trek thanks to Sarah at Living to Feel Good who donated $5 to help benefit Lung Disease. THANKS SARAH!


Living to Feel Good said...

Good job on your run and good luck ! I donated 5 bucks. :D

jeannie* said...

Ohhhhh I JUST posted about how much I want Ritas today. I worked there for like 7 years in high school and college and I want my free waterice!!

Oh well, enjoy it for me :) AND You're at your goal! I just donated $10, so you better kick some butt now heehee.