Thursday, March 08, 2007

Day 4 and counting…

Ok I'm back.

I have been so busy this week getting the house ready for the shower this weekend and busting my butt at 6am workouts and eating right. I have been doing a darn good job if I do say so myself. I feel better already and have more confidence, and it is only day four! I am so excited about where this new journey is going to take me that I can't even contain it. :) Ok…after that little overzealous rant…

First let me start off by saying how wonderful my husband is in supporting my new BFL lifestyle and even partially doing it with me! He is the greatest!! He has also been a tremendous help in helping me get everything done around the house for the shower. I came home from reffing last night and he was painting the kitchen (the 2nd coat) at 11pm!! He is amazing. :)

Ok on to what I've been doing...

Tuesday: I had to get up early (5am…eh) to go to the gym in the morning before work, b/c I got a call to remind me that I had a Dr's appt. that day at 4:30. So no working out after work. So I got my butt up and hit the gym and lifted my upper body. It was good. The next day, not so good. But I actually like feeling sore, because then I feel like what I did made a difference. Even after I lifted I did about 15 min on the elliptical because I had some time before I had to shower and get to work. So some cardio and my upper body lifting…CHECK!

Wednesday: Had to get up early again to get to the gym, because I ref volleyball on Wednesday nights and have to be there at 5:30 so no working out after work again. I got up, got to the gym and did a 30 min treadmill interval workout. It kicked my butt. This BFL workout scheme is pretty good (I am hoping it is enough to actually show results though) because it only requires 30 min of cardio 3 days a week. Before I was spending an hour of doing cardio…30 min is much more fun and I can get myself more pumped for it and it goes by a lot quicker!!

Thursday: Today…got up and made it to the 6am spinning class…2nd week in a row. It was great. Got me moving high speed for about 50 min. Oh and get this…such a small world. I found out that my spinning teacher grew up in the same town as I did and went to a rival high school. Crazy. More working out for today though. Today is lower body lifting day. I didn't have time to knock it out this morning, because I once again have to leave work early, because my Dr. told me on Tuesday that he wants me to get blood work done to test for some allergen. Eh. So I am out of work at 4 today to get that done, then home to take care of the doggies (b/c Jimmy works at the gym tonight) and then off to the gym to lift legs, then to the airport to pick up my friends who are flying in from Chicago!! I can't wait!!!

The shower for Erica is on Saturday…and as of now it is still a surprise. :) I talked to her on the phone and she HAS NO CLUE!! It is great. I am so excited to do this for her. We are going to have a great time!!

Ok, gotsa get some work done.

My partner Meghan leaves for Spain tomorrow…so stop by her blog and wish her a great time on her trip!!!


jeannie* said...

Keep up the great work! I hope the shower goes well this weekend. I'll be thinking of you!

~~Midnight Raider~~ said...

Glad to hear BFL is working for you. Way to go!