Friday, March 16, 2007

Completely Exhausted...

A day off…no not a day off from BFL…but a day off from working out. It is not going to be detrimental to my BFL program, because Sunday was going to be my day off from working out, now today is instead and I will go work out on Sunday. I just got the most horrible night of sleep last night imaginable and I am struggling so incredibly bad today I just wouldn't have a good work out at all. Plus Jimmy just called me to tell me it is sleeting outside and he didn't want me driving around in the sleet in the Honda since it doesn't do well in the snow and ice. So he called my trainer and canceled my appointment for today.

So I came home took a nap, ate my crock pot enchiladas then went to the mall with my cousin and got a manicure and pedicure (she treated as my birthday present). I was completely on track with eating today. My "mini chill" was 1/2 a piece of homemade red velvet cake…damn this one student that we have that bakes something every night then brings it in…then comes and specifically serves me a piece. Thank goodness there is only one more week left of this class!!

Also I have only seen Jimmy for like a total of 10 minutes all week and since he didn't have to work at the bar tonight, we could hang out and take a nap together...which was wonderful.

So tomorrow is my day off from my strict eating. But I will be up at 7am to go to my weigh in and then to the gym with Jimmy for a cardio and lower body lifting session. Then to party away St. Patty's Day…then right back on track with eating and working out on Sunday. I love this one day off a week thing with BFL. I look forward to the day all week and what I would like to have and I can have it :)

Here is my 2nd day of the Mini Challenge from Michelle at the Make Yourself a Priority in 2007 contest:

This is meal #1 for the day. Ate at 6:30am. Egg beaters (1/3 cup), one slice of 2% cheese on a ww english muffin. And my trusty bottle of Fruit2O that got refilled all day long.

The 1/2 a slice of red velvet cake falls right in here… no picture though.

This is meal #2 for the day. Ate at 9:45am. Yoplait Light Vanilla yogurt, one granny smith apple with some slivered almonds.

I was still so exhausted at lunch I had to run out and buy one of my Low Carb Monster Drinks.

This is meal #3 for the day. Soy beans (edemame), light string cheese and carrots. This meal was eaten a little later then usual due to being full from the cake and meal #2. Ate this around 2:00pm.

This is meal #4 for the day. An EAS Ready-to-Drink shake and some green pepper slices. Ate this meal around 5pm on my ride home from work.

This is meal #5 for the day. Crock Pot Enchiladas…skinless chicken breasts cooked in the crock pot, put into ww tortillas (2), with a little reduced fat shredded mozzarella cheese and then spread with a tsp. of enchilada sauce on top with a tbs. of reduced fat shredded mozzarella cheese. And FF sour cream garnish. DELISH! And waiting for me when I get home :) BTW -- my two are the back 2...made with the wheat tortilla...the other 2 are my cousins...Jimmy was still napping :)

No meal #6 for the day…but on a side note, I did have one small square of a chocolate bar last night around 10pm…not a 6th meal, but just a tad of chocolate.

Today when I got home I had one of these delish lollipops, 1/2 chocolate, 1/2 caramel lollipop...yummy and only 80 calories...maybe a little much for a lollipop...but it is 1/2 chocolate!

After my cousin and I got back from getting our manis and pedis I was freezing due to the sleet I made us some hot peppermint tea with some honey.

Now until tomorrow and the weigh in. I won't get to post about it until Sunday since I will be going directly from weigh in to the gym to meet my friends to head to the beach. So until Sunday…

Good luck to all for a great weekend. And Happy St. Patrick's Day too!!

Adios. :)

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