Mom to three gorgeous little kiddies; Sarah, Brian, and Thomas.


Wife to the hot Matt Jones for 11 years so far. And so far, so good!


Above everything, I value family, but yes, it's true; I'm also a seasoned athlete.

What's This Site About?

Yes - Good question! Cooking, cleaning, washing the dishes, painting, reading, and singing. This is how I was spending my days and my time until a  few months ago. Then I discovered a graphic design course and I have since added some freelance work to my time.

I have a lot of time on my hands now that I have retired from pro sports. I don't really spend much time in training anymore because I don't need to and because I eat well, I don't need nearly as much physical activity to stay in good shape.

So - I decided to open a blog! I'm going to be sharing my cooking tips and tricks and talking about fab ideas to stay in shape, without doing so much exercise. I hope that you will stick around and have a regular look at my new blog. I'll be updating the design in the near future also.


Next Steps...

So if you fancy reading a little bit more about me, click on the button and have a read of my blog posts. I plan to add a post every week or so, so please check back often - and bookmark this site! Have a look at my work, too - - I recently worked with on their website - selecting the right fonts, colours, images, and overall layout. I'm happy with the way that the home page turned out. I haven't yet set to work on perfecting the inner pages, but I will in a few days' time and then create an update with the final results in a blog post on this new site 🙂