Friday, June 24, 2011

Loving it...

So yesterday I took the day off from working out - Jimmy had softball and Charley was so exhausted that she napped until I woke her up at 630pm. It was all good though. We had fun playing and hanging out and just being together.

Tonight after work I had a photo session in Annapolis. So after my awesome photo session with an adorable one year old I took off on day 3 of C25K. I'm loving how it is easing me back into running - I know in my heart that I could push it and do a lot more running, but I don't want to burn out, and knowing that I can accomplish it before I even start is helping a lot and making me want to keep going. Weird I know, but it is working and getting my butt out there so I am going to take what I can get!

Here is a little shot of one of my views on my run...I'm so lucky to be able to run at such awesome places!

Quiet Waters Park - Annapolis, MD

Tomorrow I am off to DE to meet and photograph our newest family member - my cousin's second little boy. I can't wait to meet him! You'll see some of him in a few days on my photography blog :)

I am going kidless - they are going to be with Jimmy at his parents - but I am taking our other 3 kiddos aka the dogs and will be dragging my Dad out on a walk with me and the dogs - so that will be my exercise for the day. It is supposed to be a gorgeous weekend and I can't wait! Now off to bed!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

And the Streak Continues...and the world keeps spinning!

Made it to the gym last night - 30 minutes on the ARC - since C25K says only run every other day - I went and sweated. So we are 3 for 3 this week. Today I ran before my softball game - C25K day 2. I rocked it! I ran downtown on the water - it was heavenly. I am so lucky to have such amazing places to run!

I am already feeling so much better, so much more energetic. Why did it take so long!!

Oh and the wonderful Roni - sent me this nice little comment on my last post: Lets make a date to run once a week.. NO EXCUSES!

So I am texting Roni right after this to find out what day and time it is going to be. That will be awesome so that I have a set workout/run day every week with someone to hold me accountable. Perfect. Thank goodness for friends. And friends who like to run. And friends who like to run that have kids and don't mind a jogging stroller! :)

I have put myself first the last three days and the world is still turning and things are still getting done...imagine that!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

First Here I Come

Ok - so here it goes. I have been a major slacker in the "Take Care of Myself" arena. No more. No more excuses. Heck - the "I just had a baby" excuse turned ONE 2 weeks ago (more on her here).

No more, there isn't time, I don't feel like it, I need to clean, I need to do this to the house, we need to mow the grass, etc. I have been making excuses way too long. And no more. I am coming first - I am getting rid of the rest of baby number 2 weight and getting back into running.

I ran tonight at the gym and it felt amazing (boy did I miss that feeling). I was scared - I'll admit it. Yes I ran a 1/2 marathon last October after having Andie - then a 5 miler around Thanksgiving and I think that was the last time I had ran.

So I was scared - I don't know why I convinced myself that I had forgotten how to run or wouldn't be able to run. I can still run - though I started out with couch to 5k on my iPhone - that somehow made me less scared. Though I knew I could run more then 60 seconds at a time, I felt like it would make me feel accomplished when I finished - and it did.

Now I know I did not lose my running ability - it was just left behind a little. But not any more. I know running will help me lose the weight, I know it will make me feel better and be happier and more energetic with my family. I know these things. Why has it taken me so long to get back into the groove?

I was putting everyone else first. Not saying NO - always saying yes. Always letting my husband run and train because I felt bad about leaving him with the girls while I was off at a photo shoot. I felt like he deserved the run, the time to train and exercise.

But why don't I?? I do. And I will. From now on, I will make time. I will get to bed earlier, and up earlier if I have to. I will make running dates with friends. I will go when it is dark - we moved to the country(ish) and there is a neighborhood with all dead ends behind our house that I could safely run in at night with a vest and headlamp (though I might eat a lot of bugs) I CAN do this. I am going to do this.

And I am coming back to this blog, I miss it and it helped me lose all of the weight and a few more after baby number 1 (who is now THREE!) and it will help me again.

This blog world is amazing - has allowed me to meet some amazing friends (in real life now too) and has always provided me with tons of inspiration and I need it more now then ever.

So I'm back. On track. No more pity. No more not wanting to be in photos with my babies, no more feeling sorry for myself when it was me who did this in the first place. I'm done being second. First here I come.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Are going great - I'll be back soon to explain...but tomorrow is a sad day...back to work after maternity leave...and boy am I going to miss these faces. I don't want to go...

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Sisterly Love :)

Andie Web 2

Andie Web 1

You can see some more pictures over on my photography blog...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I'd like to introduce you to...

Andie Kate
Born May 26, 2010
8:51 pm
7lb 6oz
19 3/4"

Sorry it has taken me so long to get this post up...of course there will be more pictures to follow over on my photography blog and some here as well - well once I relearn my time management skills with two kiddos :) Life is wonderful :)

Charley loves being a Big Sister and smothers her baby sister with kisses and hugs every day :) It is wonderful when every time Charley wakes up she asks "where's my baby sister?" melts my heart...

Saturday, April 24, 2010

the comments have began...

Warning...vent post ahead...

I was at the park today with Charley, a friend and her daughter. And a random old lady at the park said "so when is the baby due?" and I responded with about 5 weeks and she said "there is no way you are making it that long!" thanks lady.

Another lady there asked me the same question and was very polite about it and wished me good luck.

Then I have been having those people like the wonderful lady at Noodles and Company when I went there for lunch who assumed I wanted the large size meal instead of the small I usually get - and when she rang it up and I asked why it was so much she said "feed that baby" REALLY?!

And then there was the lady at PetSmart - who called someone from the back and told me to wait for them to get there to put my dog food in my car for me - and when this "someone" arrived, he was like 70 years old and frail. C'mon lady - I didn't ask for help and if I needed help couldn't you have gotten some hot young guy to come and help me? So needless to say Jimmy is doing all of the dog food shopping for the next 5 weeks.

Sorry for the vent - but I'm pregnant not disabled - and yes my stomach is large, but there is a kid in there!! And I seem to not make small children and I am about 5'10 1/2" so I'm not little - but there is really no need for comments.

I go out and take our three 85lb dogs for nightly walks TOGETHER - so over 250lbs of dog - and me every night so I can hold my own people!! Flipping a bag of dog food from the cart to my car, picking up my daughter to put her on the teeter totter (yes the same old lady asked if I needed help picking up my daughter...), or ordering what size food I want - I am all capable of doing myself - so please keep the comments to yourself. Oh and I have had 1/2 a glass of sangria and a few sips of beer - and SUSHI three times while I have been leave me alone!!

sorry again...needed to vent.